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Scheduled week of Pronunciation Class: fifth, sixth
WorkStyles Class: 19 Oct 2010 to 6 Jan 2011: Comments and Updates

Songs for the last Pronunciation class

10-year reunion in 2021 !:

Business cards
Writing skills

First day icebreakers: Scavenger Hunt , Level 2: Bus Scavenger Hunt
Last day icebreakers: Scavenger Hunt in 10 years

Job bulletin boards, search engines, links,
Thanks to Fall 2010 students for Answers to class questions, including job networking, job ethics training
job resources job search sites Workforce development
job openings at specific companies and agencies

2011 Job Fairs
15 Jan 2011 Rockville; Experience [sic] Health Care Workers; from caringhands on 2 Dec 2010
2010 Job Fairs

"Driving me crazy" in Maryland in Virginia in DC in New York
Driving safely PSA's (Public Service Announcements)

10 Dec (sign up by 9 Dec) * sign up by 9 Dec for next day in Baltimore green training
Must register at prior to acceptance into the training program.

11 dec Saturday 9 AM to 12 noon 14501 Sweetzer Lane / Laurel, MD 20707
Interested in becoming a Pipe Technician? Join us!! For detail [sic] job descrpition visit (p. B-13 of Gazette)
Job description

Is this really going to take place? Yeah! My mail to "Cust-Relations" <> was answered!
So was my query to HR Employment < Good Afternoon,
Attached is the job fair information. For a detail [sic] job description, please visit and click on the “Pipe Technician” job title. Thank you for your interest and hope you will join us in attending the job fair. Human Resources Office
No human voice at the number referenced in the email I got: "If you have an inquiry other than the status of your application, please call our employment line on (301) 206-8788."

Seasonal Lessons: Will your store be open on July Fourth / Thanksgiving / New Year's
Seasonal: When is the winter break for your school / office / plant ?

Non-Latin virtual keyboards

Etiquette and turn-taking
Requesting permission,
Answering the phone;

Retail/Wholesale vocabulary, import/export business, career path, on-line applications
do you want to work for a small or a large business?

job resources
Sixth Day Job applications: Whole Foods, Trader Joe's

Application - Trader Joe's
middle initial; name changes, prior address, reverse order, social security ID, ID theft

Titles of Address
Licensed to drive
California Driving handbook in Armenian

X. Chunking for intonation and focus powerpoint by Linda Grant more Patriotic practice


II. Target Sounds: th in two forms, using IPA θ ð

III. Target Sounds: f v f-v alteration w r

V. Voice Onset Timing for p (compare p, b, v)

New York: "jeet" = "Did you eat?"

complex consonant clusters: texts, costs (the word final /s/ tells tense or number)
verb conjugation: makes (TBD), costs

Telephone transmission: NATO αβ , LA Police Department

International Phonetic Alphabet

Transcription: IPA symbols
IPA subsets: Amharic, Arabic, English, French, Persian, Spanish, Swahili index

Phonetics: (with sound and view)
American and British (with sound)
Interactive IPA: from Paul Meier

American IPA variant uses [y] instead of [j] (from UW and UCSD)


UW samples (Unicode has replaced these computer codes) transcribed hVd pattern
Southern California surfer has a high front rounded vowel ("a good wave") (UCSD paper on "Gnarly")
Sonification: UW samples of "hVd"
hVd, cVd, pVd
Colored Vowels - r
hVrd, cVrd, pVrd

Rhythm and running speech in children's songs

Intonation: hand-out
Elicit productions with Ballet Trockadero "That's funny?!" / Chef Mary Levin's Schwarma Chili Taco "This is Schwarma?!"


Federal Regulations: Department of Labor at $2.13 per hour at min wage
Montgomery County: sample contract
State of Maryland: State contracts at $12.28/hour

Language Resources
Listening ESL: library
Translation: County docs
Professional Organizations: VASTA (voice and speech trainers), TESOL Speech, Pronunciation, and Listening Interest Section
Accent Reduction: actors' resource page of dialects and accents more
Automatic Translation (of text) add on by this author is announced

elf drawing
line drawing crab
Clarifying information at work - pair exercise of retrieving "a book" or "a knick-knack" from a shelf in the room
Which dictionary has these words?
vocabulary:vermouth, knick-knack, tequilla cactus

Minimal Pairs
Type IPA symbols web-site
æ ɛ minimal pairs tacks, texts, taxes, taxi

Spelled the same, but listen to the difference: ough pronounced ten ways!

More Videos here

Iranian-American black belt foils store robbery. 10 Sept 2007 (2:49)

III. Smalltalk 4-Aug-2009 (3min) between President Obama and WH Press Corps member Helen Thomas via C-SPAN , (1:30 +text) via CBS
II. Sports Songs: Washington Redskins football team
III. Whole Foods Market in Baltimore 24-Mar-2010: surprise opera (4min) via WashNatOpera , (3:30) via BaltimoreSun
Humor in Farsi: 20-Apr-2008 citizenship interview (5min) via IranianSchoolSD
V. Jose Cuervo is a friend of mine pronunciation of v, th (both kinds), p lyrics

Patriotic practice

III.Declaratives -- negative and positive.
No. I don't know what time it is.
Yes. We have no bananas.
lyrics tenor "New York" Frank Sinatra - posted 25 July 2009 from 1982

Accent perception

(VIII) Accent on American politicians born abroad

Unlearning to tawk like a New Yorker from the New York Times (SAM ROBERTS, November 19, 2010) google more
* The New York accent is a distinctive amalgam of Irish, German, Yiddish and Italian — now infused with black and Hispanic dialects and a Caribbean lilt....
* Some clients also find it unnerving. “I felt if I lost my accent I’d lose part of who I was,” Miss LoGiudice said. “Almost no one thinks I’m from Queens anymore.”
* Mr. Ramos, 26, the television reporter, grew up in Passaic, N.J., and he said his New York regional accent was “an endearing quality because New York is a great place to be from, but if you ever want to work outside New York, it may put you in a box.”
* Mr. Mullin, 60, a tax and criminal lawyer who practices in Manhattan and New Jersey, said he grew tired of going to legal training seminars in which fellow lawyers complained about not understanding him. “I didn’t want to be boxed in regionally,” he said. “I wanted to be a clear communicator. My accent got in the way.”

Accents used as a form of identification in comedian routines

Evaluating English Accents WorldWide project at the University of Otago,
Compare the text read aloud NAm Male NAm Female
NZE Female NZE Male AusE Female AusE Male EE Female EE Male
Dear Mum and Dad: Hi! How are you? Well, here I am in the big city. Although the weather is nice at the moment, the forecast is for hail, but that should soon clear. I bought a new coat yesterday because they say it gets really cold. I have to stay at Aunty Deb's house for now, but I'm hoping to get a flat soon. The trip up was great, even though it took ten hours. Well, I must go. You know how rarely I write, but I will try to do better this year. Love Clare / Clark
American: Mom Aunt flat


spectrograms: praat lesson

email: password strength test from Microsoft