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April 2010

March 2010 Maz Jobrani's public service announcement (PSA)

NY accent -- reduction, Woody Allen

4 Jan 2010 (3:17) "Growing Up In Iran" - Maz Jobrani "I came here when I was six..."

My friend "Tony"

[Listen to the various American and Iranian accents he enjoys employing in his routine.]

April 2009 (10:31) Maz Jobrani's email account gets closed and censored HaHa
Nov 2006 (5:20)
12 Dec 2009 (2:27) Maz Jobrani- Jews & Indian Wife "She's a lawyer."
3 Nov 2008 (2:23) Maz Jobrani..Love Latinos! Latino Comedy
19 March 2011 in Washington, DC at the Warner Theatre ($40)

23 Feb 2010 (10:58) Ahmed Ahmed "somewhere there is a man named Ahmed Ahmed saying, 'I'm not the comedian named Ahmed Ahmed....'"
[Note that PC ethnic humor is about one's own ethnic group. Look at the comments to read who things Mr. Ahmed may go too far in this regard. Again note the use of accent to differentiate humor and straight dialogue.]
31 May 2010 (9:48) Aron Kader "the Palestinian Mormon"
19 Sept 2008 (5:26) Axis of Evil Comedy Tour - Wonho Chung, a Korean-Vietnamese comedian destroying stereotypes in all languages (with English subtitles)
24 Sept 2008 (9:59) Ahmed Ahmed gets arrested (with Arabic subtitles) and creates the Axis of Evil Comedy Tour (same routines as above)
12 April 2009 (7:44) korean - arabic native speaker ...كوري عربي Wonho Chung sign language (English and Arabic sub-titles)

Some women comedians Persian American comedienne 6 Nov 2010 (7:18) difference between Persian and Iranian; "My Dad's name is 'Tony,' short for..."

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