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external image 150px-USSR_stamp_S.Smith_1985_5k.jpg1985 USSR stamp with "Samant[h]a external image 200px-Grace-bedell.jpgpublished on
Smit[h]" published on
Good morning, students! Today is February 17, 2011.
Yesterday, we read about Samantha's Smith's letter to a world leader. She wrote the letter in 1982 during the "Cold War." Today, I'd like you to look at another letter. In 1860, Grace Bedell wrote a letter to presidential candidate Abraham Lincoln. Please take a look at both letters. Please take a look at both wikipedia articles. Please take a look at both foundations associated with the letters written by the young girls. I will give you the web references for these. If helpful, you will find references to define US-USSR relations during the Cold War, which you should include.

You have a choice of writing assignments:
(a) Factual Exercise
Create a table that compares the dates and actors for these two letters. Start with and .

(b) Understanding History, Culture, & Politics
Compare the letters.
Let's discuss some bases for comparison. The bases could even be a paper itself!
I came up with titles like these:
An Age of Innocence Grace's letter mentions physical appearance, but Samantha's modern letter mentions world affairs
Was Grace's Letter truly Innocent? Grace's letter may have helped Lincoln become more popular. Did Samantha's letter prevent a war?
The Effect of Modern Media on Fame Samantha's legacy includes a postage stamp and an elementary school, but Grace's includes ...
Americans like to write to their leaders: examples from history

(c) Imagination Exercise
Write a dialogue between Misses Smith and Bedell.
What ages will they be in your dialog? Will the dialog take place in the 1800's, the 1900's, or ?
Do you think that Miss Smith knew about Miss Bedell's letter?
If Samantha had lived longer, would she have written a second letter as Grace did?

(d) Research Exercise
Can you find other letters written by young girls that have been published? Hint: Is there a Santa Claus?
How many letters to political leaders receive? Has this changed over time? Who reads the letters? Who responds?
Find movie reviews for the films that have been made to tell the story of each of these women.
Why do people establish a Foundation?

Future: We can practice authenticating the sources. Add your comments and literary creations here, here., here.
Add comments to the wikipedia discussion section. The discussion could be, "Let's link from the SS page to the GB page (and vice versa)?" This is a project we can do in one of the Intro Computer Classes!

References retrieved on 17 Feb 2011: official web-site
letter translated into Arabic or look on wikipedia.
google search These articles use the iconic stamp of the late Samantha Smith.
google search

Good morning, students! Today is February 17, 2011.

Shmuzing with

Where was the former Governor of California born?
-- Can he become President of the United States?
Does he like being in politics?
What professions has he had?

Do you want to become Governor of Maryland? Why?
Who in this room can be elected President of USA?
What do you guess Arnold will do after he is done with being Governor?
Why do you think Arnold wanted to be Governor of the state with the 7th (or 8th) largest economy in the world?

Abraham Lincoln was President during the Civil War (1861 - 1865) more
Performance: No Army Without Music: The Songs of the Civil War— Thursday, May 13, at 7 p.m.
Come for an evening of music and history from the Civil War era. Within the songs of the Union and the Confederacy—songs of abolition, sentimental ballads, portrayals of army life, and patriotic anthems—are the attitudes, values, and beliefs of a nation at war with itself. Sung by soldiers in camps and on the march, the songs were learned by the people at home and performed at rallies and family musicales.
C-SPAN published a transcript and video of the program
You can look at the titles of the songs even if you cannot find videos with written subtitles. Some songs are from the 1800's and some have been written now.
Groups to explore these and report.
The Irish in the American Civil War- Paddy's Lamentation: Sinéad O' Connor - Paddy's Lament (5:50) version with scenery and some blood (5:01)

South/Confederacy (lost)
Can you find videos that paint a picture of loss and regret? What vocabulary do they share? Who creates them? includes the lyrics, but not as sub-titles

Postscriptum to yesterday's birthday party at the White House Press Room: a White House Lawn Heritage Luncheon the following year (2010)
causes controversy - HT born in KT local news (video search)

Good morning, students! Today is February 17, 2011.

Revised lesson on teamwork.
Temperature Teamwork.

Visit George Washington at his home in Mount Vernon! (music)
Find web-sites. search
Move map icons around.

By bus :
By car: on Metro-Silver Spring, 8400 Colesville Rd, Silver Spring, MD 20910 to Mount Vernon, VA
How far away is Mount Vernon?
By car. Let's find the distance....

Which way is the cheapest?
Which way is fastest?

How hot is Washington, DC in the summer?
Normal Daily Maximum Temperature, Deg F
30 years
WASHINGTON NAT'L AP, D.C. 42.5 46.5 55.7 66.3 75.4 83.9 88.3 86.3 79.3 68.0 57.3 47.0
from Convert to Centigrade

Convert to Kilometers


23 Feb
Time, Days, Seasons

22 Feb Snow Day

19 -21 Feb Presidents' Day Weekend.

18 Feb
Lesson 1 on Neighbors
Speaking of Values: Conversation and listening Intermediate Conversion
CD by Irene E. Schoneberg
Listening to Mrs. Grant ask Kate for three favors (Track 2)
Problem: of the nieghbor with the loud headset
Speaking of Values: Conversation and Listening Intermediate Conversion
CD by Irene E. Schoenberg (2004)
Today we did a lesson on neighbors.

We listened to Mrs. Grant ask Kate for three favors (Track 2). We heard Kate agree to one, hesitate on a second, and refuse the third.

for sale at these stores
Request a sample copy of the new editions for both levels from Pearson
Table of Contents for first edition
Other books by Irene S. (web site comes up in GermanSwiss/English)

17 Feb:
computer class -- find bills? find videos?

16 Feb: monkeys jumping on the bed? too easy
used this video: Smalltalk 4-Aug-2009 (3min) between President Obama and WH Press Corps member Helen Thomas via C-SPAN, (1:30 +text) via CBS
A shared birthday wish; real health care reform bill, cash for clunkers $2B (not million)
  • How to start a clunker (0:38)
prejudice example of accent and ability to speak English
schedule - British and American prnunciations (shedyul, skejul)

15 Feb 2011:
didn't realize that students might not be literate or might have native language in English
mroe on song

14 Feb 2011: Guthrie song: compound words, played many times
old friend in old house old = former or in past
diamond desertS - Mojave, Sonora
deSSert of ice cream
Whoever finishes first must help.

tomorrow linkages three students to go to noa if don't participate
new song:
return homework?
Megan's lesson

18 Feb
converting from Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice versa

17 Feb
using the computer to find a program to set the time

16 Feb
tellling time

miss mary mack
jump fence
15 Feb : Transportatino (continued)
money four quarters to a dollar
four quarts for 1 gallone of milk moo
money smart fare
u-turn with bike at 0:11

printable Metro map

speed limits apply to bikes skateboards and rollerskates on boardwalk

14 Feb
what is my first name? what are my initials?
jobs dismiss at 10:45
Who takes the #17 bus?
Who takes two buses?
Who takes the same bus as I do?
walk wok new york talk
simplified bus icebreaker
ask Naaz about woman whose husband translates for her

Videos to learn by: "talk" like a New Yorker transcribe this Brooklyn Accent?
music for Michelle to write by: Michelle by the Beatles, Beatles in Yiddish,


Good Morning: Vietnam with Robin Williams (0:34) Hair - street opera in NY, James Rado (3:47) Good Morning Starshine - Hair ♪ ♫ ♬ lyrics without sub-titles (2:21)
We All Bleed Red by Ronnie Dunn

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