10 Dec (sign up by 9 Dec) * sign up by 9 Dec for next day in Baltimore green training
Must register at http://www.mwejobs.com prior to acceptance into the training program.

11 dec
external image msword.png WSSCEmploymentApplication.doc Saturday 9 AM to 12 noon 14501 Sweetzer Lane / Laurel, MD 20707
Interested in becomoing a Pipe Technician? Join us!! For detail job descrpition visit
www.wsscwater.com (p. B-13 of Gazette)
Is this really going to take place? Nothing on web-site mentions it. My mail to HR Employment <
HR_Employment@wsscwater.com> is not answered, but is received. No human voice at the number referenced in the email I got: "If you have an inquiry other than the status of your application, please call our employment line on (301) 206-8788."

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Green training [[https://mwe.dllr.state.md.us/Shared/EventDetailView.asp?SessionUID=x&EventUID={3A5FFDD0-590F-4ABC-9AD0-42C74CDB6F78}&Target=&menutype=HOME]]

to Nov 2010 http://www.montgomeryworks.com/jobfairs_recruitment.asp
technical career http://www.carouselexpo.com/maryland.htm


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